A question that many newbies to blogging have is, how can I make money with my blog?
Really, you write great content that you would like to be made visible and get paid for it, right? Well, here are just a few suggestions to monetize your blog, of course new systems are being created so keep in mind that there are many more new and innovative ways to let your blog pay you. Below are a few that are working for many bloggers, but first, let me tell you that earning from your blogs can be done by two (2) methods: 1. Direct Income Earning: Your blogging pays you. 2. Indirect Income Earning: This is when you earn because of your blog. I will however, deal with Direct Income Earning today.
Your Direct Income Earnings comes from: Advertising: Selling advertising space on your blog. You paste codes on your blog for an advertiser. You get paid when the link is clicked. This is known as CPC (cost per click) ads. There are also text ads and impressions, e.g. banners. All these can give you earnings directly from the advertiser. Affiliate programs also pay you to include content on your blogs.
Merchandising: Selling stuff such as T shirts, caps, etc. on your blog but be aware that you do need to advertise and have a high page ranking to drive customers to your blog.
Selling Subscriptions: This can pay if you have exceptionally great content on your blog, since many topics can be had at free websites, so you can set up an upgrade for premium content.
There is one main thing that contributes to earning with your blog and that is traffic. Traffic is said to be the lifeblood of any business so you need quality traffic to your site, therefore sources such as search engines, referrals RSS feeds, safelists, traffic exchanges and all other ways to get your blog visible, even word of mouth advertising works but be careful where you advertise your blog since there are some bad sites that will cause you to be sort of living in a bad neighbour in the virtual world so you have to exercise due diligence when choosing where to advertise. Sites such as Google can cause your blog to be blacklisted if you advertise (associate) with businesses that have questionable practices

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